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Creativity is not limited by uniqueness. The creative process involves freeing the mind of criticism, inhibitions and the voices of nay sayers. Developing newness is based on individual criteria, not judged through a universal eye. Nor is it reverting back to a simpler, child-like time, but involves taking all of you - past, present and a hope of the future - to a place of creation.

Rather than teach creativity, I enpower adults to free their inner judge and embrace newness. Through specific activities, some playful, some serious, adults are encouraged to record in written or artistic form, their experience during the activity. No one judges their responses or comments. Each adult is free to walk the next stepping stone toward being a more creative individual.



Impediments to Creativity: Life happens - creativity does not.

Need Inspiration?

Motivate the Creative: Life happens - choose the creative approach..


Much research has been done about creativity. Can it be taught? I believe it can be inspired, freed and rewarded. Not certain about being taught.